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[FIC] What's That? - G - 1/1 - Teen Wolf

"What's that?" Stiles asked, voice flat as his mind tried to process what he was seeing.

Derek growled and snapped the air in Stiles' general direction. "Nothing..."

"You know... I only ask 'cause that ... that looks like a tail. Just sayin'."

"Don't even think about trying what you're thinking right now. I will rip your throat out with my teeth," Deer growled as the aforementioned tail swished slowly behind him.

"I wasn't gonna touch it without permission!" Stiles insisted, affronted by the suggestion.

Derek grumbled something under his breath as his tail unconsciously moved closer to Stiles' hand with every pass.

Stiles watched the furry appendage with intent eyes, he rolled his hand over and waited for the tail to pass over his hand. He gave a small giggle as the soft fur tickled the palm of his hand. "It's so soft!" he murmured in wonder.

Derek growled lower this time. "Stiles..."

"I didn't do anything! You wagged it over my hand!" Stiles protested.

"I did not wag," Derek practically snarled as his tail froze and pulled in towards him.

"Aw... are your ears as soft?" Stiles asked, ignoring the sharp, pointed teeth aimed at him. His fingers twitched and made abortive motions towards the wolf.

"Stiles," Derek warned just as long fingers brushed through his thick hair to rub at the base of his dark ears. A moan was ripped from his throat as he practically melted against the teen's hands.

"I must have found the perfect spot, didn't I?" Stiles chuckled and continued his motions, letting his other hand come to join the first.

"Don't you dare tell anyone," Derek warned, voice soft as he rubbed his head against Stiles' chest. "And don't stop..." he whined.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Stiles promised.


Things had spiraled out of control in less time than it took to cough at the awkwardness in the room.

Derek's right hand was wrapped firmly around Chris' throat, teeth bared and claws out, as he bodily hauled the Hunter backward, aiming to slam him against a wall. The wolf completely ignored the gun aimed at his temple, anger flowing through him at the mere suggestion that had been offered.

"He has to die," Chris gritted out, teeth just as bared as Derek's were. His finger was steady on the trigger of his gun. "And I'll go through you if I have to. It has to be done. I'm sorry."

Allison stared at her father in mute horror as she watched the stand-off. Scott pressed against one side and Isaac on the other. Kira's gasp of surprise broke the silence of the room as she walked in on Derek's claws digging in slightly harder.

"I don't care what your 'friend' told you," Derek snarled, eyes flashing. "We'll find another way. It's only because of Stiles that you're even here right now to threaten him." He pressed his lips together, body tense as he glared into the blue eyes of the man before him.

"Katashi," Chris replied, venom dripping from his words. "Isn't really a friend, but he owes me a debt and he's honest. We have to do what must be done. And I'll do it if I have to. I promise it'll be quick. He won't feel a thing." A pained expression crosses the Hunter's face but he quickly schools it back to a neutral one.

"And I said not a chance," Derek snarled as he pushed harder, blood just starting to well into the cuts his claws were making as his eyes flashed blue in challenge.

"What would we tell the Sheriff?" Scott asked, voice quiet but firm. "There's gotta be another way. Something we can do to save him."

Christ kept his head motionless and his gun trained on Derek as he moved his eyes to try and spot Scott. "Katashi said there's no cure. You let the Oni do what they came to do. They'll get rid of the dark spirit and leave. Or we can kill it in it's chosen vessel. If the Oni kill Stiles it's going to be messy and very painful. Do you want to watch him impaled and hauled into the air on five swords while he bleeds out slowly?"

Scott swallowed hard and shook his head, hands moving to grip Allison and Kira.

"We won't have much time then, but we're not letting them get Stiles," Derek insisted as he flexed his hand slightly in shock and nearly dropped Chris.

"Fine. Have it your way. But if he attacks me, I'm defending myself. Simple as that," Chris replied as he slowly pulled his gun back in a show of trust.

Derek watched and listened for the lie. He heard none and nodded as he slowly retracted his claws and pulled his hand back.

"We have until sunset to figure something out," Scott said with a determined look in his eye. "We've got a lot of work to do."


[FIC] Over Coffee? - T - 1/1 - Teen Wolf

"What's this?" Derek asked, one broody looking eyebrow raised as the steaming cup before him was waggled slightly.

"Coffee. One would think a creature of the night; such as yourself, would know of such things," Stiles replied as he swung the cup again.

"It doesn't smell like coffee," Derek replied as his eyebrow dropped and both moved to scrunch together.

"Yes it does," Stiles countered as his own brow raised in confusion. "It's red velvet. Thought I'd be nice and bring you some since I brought some for everyone else." He set the white and blue cup on the table next to Derek's hand before sitting down as well.

"It's cake? I thought you said it was coffee?" Derek asked, confusion clearly evident on his face. He gave an experimental sniff of the cup nearest him and huffed as he shook his head. The unfamiliar smell was throwing him off.

"No... it's coffee," Stiles replied slowly as his mind raced ahead and realized something. "You've never had flavored coffee before?"

"No. I always had what Laura made. Black with two sugars," Derek replied, eyebrows making a valiant effort to touch. Sadness washed over his face briefly as he thought of his sister. "She'd hand me a cup and that's how I'd drink it. I got used to it."

"And that's how you order it when you go through a drive-thru?" Stiles asked, looking affronted now. On the wolf's behalf, of course.

"Yeah. Starbucks is easy that way," Derek replied with a shrug as his face went back to it's usual resting state.

Stiles hissed like a movie vampire presented with a blessed cross.

"Are you okay?" Derek asked, genuine concern in his voice.

"You didn't say the bad word, did you?" Scott asked from his place on the couch.

"What 'bad word'?" Derek demanded as he looked at Stiles as the teen seemed to be trying to cleanse himself. "All I said was I usually get my coffee at Starbucks."

Stiles hissed again as he writhed his way to the floor.


"You said it again," Scott replied as he got up, concern on his face as he made his way over to his best friend. "He didn't mean it."

"They're a chain and they make decent coffee. What's so evil about Starbucks?" Derek growled, irritated this time.

"No!" Stiles practically wailed from his fetal position on the floor.

"Stop saying it," Scott ordered with his own growl. "He hates that place."

"He's never had Dutch!" Stiles moaned as he practically crawled up Scott, eyes watering as a look of horror crossed his face.

"I know. But you've fixed that," Scott soothed as he tried to pull Stiles back up onto his stool near Derek.

"Drink!" Stiles demanded dramatically as he pointed at the cup sitting innocently next to Derek. "I will not allow this travesty to continue any longer!"

Scott rolled his eyes and bobbed his head. "Sometimes it's just easier to give in. And he's right. It's really good."

Derek shrugged and reached for the cup, feeling a little nervous at having two sets of eyes on him. His paused with the cup half way to his lips before he pulled it away to look between Stiles and Scott. "Don't stare at me."

"I'm watching this. Your Dutch Cherry is being popped, and I don't wanna miss it," Stiles countered as he rearranged himself into a comfortable position on the stool. "Go somewhere else, Scott," he added as he waved a dismissive hand.

Scott scoffed but laughed as he walked away, shaking his head to go sit on the couch with Allison and Isaac. No one else dared to look in Derek or Stiles' direction.

"Why do you call it Dutch?" Derek asked as he fiddled with the cup.

"It's short for Dutch Brothers. Excellent coffee," Stiles replied offhandedly.

Derek nodded as he brought the cup back up to his lips, eyebrows high on his forehead as he watched Stiles' watch him. Stiles merely readjusted himself as he watched in rapt attention. With a mental shrug Derek brought the cup the rest of the way up and took his first sip of the coffee. His eyes rolled back in his head as a high whine followed by a deep, sensual moan as he flavor exploded over his tongue.

Stiles gave a shit-eating grin at the sound for a moment before looking concerned. "Good, yeah?"

Derek didn't reply as he took another drink. He made the same, almost distressed noise as he took another sip and his eyes rolled back. He shifted his hips slightly as he moaned again, deeper and longer this time.

"Are ... are you having a religious experience... over ... coffee!?" Stiles gaped as he stared at the older male before him. He watched as the wolf practically made love to the cup with his mouth as he took another drink and a whimper escaped him this time. Stiles reached out; concerned for the reaction, and received a growl. "Seriously!?"

"Mine," Derek growled quietly as he hunched over the cup protectively and took another sip with a moan.

"You sound like you're having sex," Stiles murmured as he felt a blush rise on his cheeks from the sounds. "And I'm not taking your cup away so you can quit going all protective momma on it." He rolled his eyes and leaned back to emphasize his point.

Derek glared as he sat up a little straighter. "This is..."

"Never had anything that good before?" Stiles asked, eyebrow raised. "How could you have missed flavored coffee?"

Derek shrugged and took another drink, hands cradling the cup like a precious artifact.

"So... you make it sound like yours is to die for. And the sounds your making make me want to try it," Stiles said, as his hands made an abortive gesture towards the cup.

Derek raised an eyebrow as he finished off the cup and looked down sadly. "It's gone."

"Seriously?" Stiles huffed. "I got my usual and you made that sound like it was orgasmic. I almost want to kiss you just to see what ti tasted like."

"And why don't you?" Derek asked, feeling relaxed and generous.

"Um, you'd punch me," Stiles replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Not if you let me have some of yours," Derek replied as he gestured towards the cup at Stiles' elbow.

Stiles looked shell-shocked as he stared at Derek for a moment before lunging forward to press his lips to Derek's with a grin of triumph.

"About time," Scott said from his place on the couch.

Derek ignored the other wolf as he pulled Stiles onto his lap with a groan of appreciation while the teen's tongue searched out every last bit of flavor from the coffee. His arms moved to help cradle the lithe young man as they finally broke apart for air.

"Well, that was..." Stiles stuttered as he grinned like an idiot.

"...eye opening?" Derek finished for him as he gave his own soft smile.

"That's it, we're outta here," Scott called as he grabbed Allison and Isaac to bodily drag them out of the loft.

Stiles and Derek ignored them as they stared at each other. "Was it really just about he coffee?" Stiles asked breathlessly.

"Nope," Derek replied with a grin. "But I didn't know how to ask."



"Wanna go get more coffee?"

"Hell yes."

The End

Stiles looked down at the key on his key ring hoping against logic. 

His good old friend logic was about to blow a huge hole in his world as the key slid into place perfectly. The door unlocking and swinging open silently was all the more damning. With a shake of his head he moved towards the chalkboard, hands trembling and heart racing. 

He felt like he couldn't breathe. 

He certainly didn't want to do what he knew he had to do. 

He had to know... had he left the message on the board? Had he let Barrow into the chemistry lab to keep him hidden from the wolves? And why would he have done it? He shook himself as he wiped his hand on his pants to be able to hold the chalk. 

Quick, efficient strokes of the chalk over the board to copy the numbers had the fear overwhelming him again as he looked at the matching handwriting. The calk fell from nerveless fingers as he stared at the evidence before him. 

"A mass murderer is bad enough. A mass murderer that's being controlled by someone? Far worse." Agent McCall's words rang through his head, echoing and distorting. Blaming and accusing him. His chest felt tight as thoughts scrambled over each other like excited puppies. 

"Stiles?" a voice cut through the silence of the class room like a knife, concern clearly evident.  

"Who's there?" Stiles asked, voice weak as he turned to look back. There was no in the room. Just him and the numbers on the board. 

"Barrow was hiding in the chemistry closet at the school. Someone left him a coded message on the blackboard tell him to kill Kira."

Stiles swallowed hard as he looked over the numbers again. Something didn't feel right. He looked to the left of the board and saw the periodic table on the filing cabinet and an idea struck him.

He tilted his head as he looked over the message again and the feeling grew as he looked across the room. He remembered coming in here with Lydia and a time skip in his memory before he was at the board with her. He'd almost been at the front of the room. She'd been looking on the other side of the room for a few moments and he'd felt a little out of breath.  

He walked back in the room to where he and Lydia had split up. A glance at the clock told him he didn't have long before school started. With another deep breath he darted towards the front of the room, picked up a piece of chalk, scrawled the numbers and darted back to where he remembered being when Lydia had headed for the board. 

Less than ten seconds. Finstock's suicides were paying off. 

He'd written the message. 

But it wasn't orders. 

It was a warning.

But how in the Hell had he known?

[FIC] Derek's Submission - Explicit - 1/1

Title: Derek's Submission
Author: Chimera Dragon
Pairing: Sterek
Warnings: Explicit, kinks (bondage, spanking, toys), slash(sex between two men)
Author Notes: I saw a request on Tumblr and the plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone until I'd written it. And more than 5k words later … this. I think I got them all. Enjoy!

(...) = texting
“...” = talking
-Derek wearing panties and stockings
-Derek being tied to a bed and slowly fucked with a vibrator
-Derek being spanked and then having his butt gently handled and rubbed after
-Derek baring his throat to someone and letting them bite him all over
-Derek asking to bottom and his partner slowly fingering him open until he comes all over himself untouched
-Derek being unable to speak and being on the verge of tears as someone tells him he’s a good boy and how beautiful and wonderful he is
sub!Derek (。。)

Derek felt like his nerves were shorting out. 
"You want ... what?" Stiles asked again, eyes huge and mouth open in disbelief. 
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[FIC] Only a Few Hours - T - 1/1

Only a Few Hours

Things like this really shouldn't surprise him anymore. the fact that his life is just that screwed up that this should be a normal occurrence isn't what freezes Derek's feet in place.

It's that voice.


The Pack is frozen around him. Scott's in charge since Derek gave up his power to save Cora and he hasn't run across another Alpha that was out of control. He was just fine being a Beta. But this... he can feel their eyes on him. Especially Stiles' eyes.

"Derek, what's going on?" the woman asks again. Her long, dark hair falling gently down her back.

"Who's that?" Scott asks, voice only partially quiet.

There's silence for a few moments before a wounded, wretched sound rips it's way free from Derek's throat and his whole body shakes. "M-mom?" his voice isn't much more than a pained whimper.
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[FIC] Building Bridges - G - 1/1

Title: Building Bridges
Author:Chimera Dragon
Genre: AU
Prompt: Building Bridges
Word Count: 1203
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: On an alternate Earth the Atlantis Expedition is an architectural firm called: Atlantis Enterprises. John and Rodney are two of their best designers.

“You're out of your mind!” Kavanaugh snarled viciously.

“You seem to be the only person here that thinks so...” Rodney sighed with a roll of his eyes.
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[FIC] Hawk Watching - T - 5/?

"Has anyone seen Loki around?" Clint asked as he looked around the room again. Dinner had just ended and the food had been good, but the archer had noticed a suspicious lack of a green clad God of Mischief.
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[FIC]Jack's Lament - 1/1 - Teen

Title: Jack's Lament

Author: Chimera Dragon

Pairing: Janto

Warnings: Major Character Death, Spoiler for CoE

Disclaimer: I don't own it. If I did things would not have ended like that on Day Four. Or I would have been fixed by the end of Day Five.

Author's Note: I literally cried my way through this listening to John Barrowman singing. Still am. Not a before bed kind of fic. I'm sorry.
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